Pros And Cons Of Vinyl Flooring

When choosing a floor covering, buyers are more often guided by the criteria of practicality and durability. These properties have vinyl flooring. Products not only look beautiful and stylish in the interior, but also are reliable and of high quality.

Vinyl flooring – what is it?

The use of modern technologies allows us to improve the quality of flooring and offer versatile options that combine the advantages of an array and practicality laminate. Despite the fact that the products have been introduced to the market not so long ago, they are popular among owners of residential and commercial premises.

LVP Flooring

The composition of the luxury vinyl flooring in Feasterville, PA coating is represented by natural raw materials quartz and synthetic polymers; glass fiber can also be used for stabilization. The structure of the tile has a different number of layers depending on the brand, but the following are considered standard:

The bottom layer is PVC;

Fiberglass – provides balancing properties;

The middle layer is polyvinyl chloride with the addition of quartz, in some cases there may be chalk;

Decorative pattern;

Polyurethane protection.

Vinyl floor tiles pros and cons

According to the level of strength and scope, vinyl floors are divided into service classes, depending on the structure and thickness of the top protective layer. If this value is about 0.3 mm, then the coating was created for domestic use, and if it is about 0.5 mm, then for commercial use.

The advantages of vinyl flooring are:

Water resistance: installation is allowed in rooms with a high level of humidity – kitchen, bathroom, corridor, and balcony. The material is not afraid of water spilled on the surface, but in the case of lying in the bathroom, it is better to glue it to the base in order to avoid moisture getting under the coating.

Wear resistance: a durable protective layer eliminates the possibility of scratches, cracks and other defects under mechanical stress.

UV resistance: the surface does not change color and retains the pattern throughout its entire service life.

Long period of operation.

A wide palette of colors and a variety of decors. Vinyl floors imitate wood, stone, tile, glass and other natural materials.

Suitable for lying with the “warm floor” system.

Does not demand additional leaving, enough damp cleaning.

Pleasant tactile sensations, not as cold as tiles.